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April 2017

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Last July this email popped up in Femme de Joie's mailbox:


As a well known and followed blogger, your opinion is clearly valued by many. We would like to send you some of our product, to do with as you please. Write about it, don’t write about it. Share it with friends or horde it for yourself. Love it or hate it. The choice is yours. We just want to give you some free wine.

Troon Vineyard is an Oregon winery located in the Applegate Valley, in the southern part of the State. A long time local favorite is our Druid’s Fluid, which we call, "the wine for everyone". We are excited about getting the word out about this much beloved wine, and are aiming to place it in the hands of the people. If you are someone who loves wine or are just curious about Troon and who we are, then we would love to send you a couple bottles of our Druids Fluid. We currently can only ship our wines to certain states, so if you are interested in receiving some free wine from us then respond to this e-mail with your shipping information. We will then send you a couple of bottles, if you are in an approved shipping State. We have set up a Druid’s Fluid Website at druidsfluid.com or you can visit our winery website at troonvineyard.com.

Thanks, and hopefully we will be hearing from you soon!

By nature M. de Joie is a suspicious person, especially when the praise gets heaped on with a trowel shovel dump truck. Troon Vineyards? Who? What? Huh? But Troon Vineyards was discovered to be a legitimate business, and they were in fact handing out bottles of vino to certain food bloggers. This was a bit of an ethical dilemma, as M. de Joie has always paid her own way for every bite of food that she has written about, and has not revealed to any food purveyor who she is. What to do?

In the end, M. de Joie decided to take the time-tested method of putting the responsibility on the other party. Her reply:

Yes, M. de Joie would be interested. Please understand that if she does write about it, M. de Joie will add a disclaimer that the wine was provided at no charge and was unsolicted, that M. de Joie has no interest in the winery and is not being paid or otherwise compensated. Thanks for your time and interest in Menuplease.

It was pretty much the unanimous opinion of M. de Joie and her confidants that she had committed culinary hari-kari with that note and would never see the wine. Summer passed and Thanksgiving was looming when another email popped up:

Hello Femme de Joie,

Thank you for your interest in Druid's Fluid. Just a heads up to let you know that we will be shipping your wine in the next day or so. Please be aware that you should be receiving it in the next coming week. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Team Troon

Well, stomp my grapes and call me Sally, as they say. Sure enough, about a week later the UPS truck delivered a box containing two bottles of Druid's Fluid. M. de Joie and Amico del Signore opened a bottle to drink with an herbed lamb roast.


The color: deep raspberry. Bouquet: tart-fruity and not overly alcoholic. Taste: fruit- forward, plum, blueberry, blackberry. This was reminiscent of a light-to-medium-bodied Pinot Noir. Thus far Femme de Joie has been unable to find the exact blend and percentages of contributing varietals, so we may assume Druid's Fluid is made up of "leftovers" from the harvests.

This is not a wine that will stand up to cellaring or pairing with complex/spicy foods. Sipping it before dinner was when it was at its best, but the garlic-rosemary-fennel rubbed lamb overwhelmed the Druid's Fluid and left it in the dust. We think it would have been fine with an unadorned grilled beef filet or salmon steak. Our verdict: at $18.00 this was a fair retail price for a Meritage-style red wine.

So, the disclaimer: M. de Joie had never heard of or visited Troon Vineyards until she received the above email. The wine was unsolicited and was provided free of charge. She has no interest in the vineyard, monetary or otherwise, and has not been compensated aside from the free bottles of wine. The opinions here have not been influenced in any way by Troon Vineyards or anyone associated with them.

Druid's Fluid, $18.00 from Troon Vineyards, 1475 Kubli Road, Grants Pass, Oregon 97527. 541-846-9900.

Website: http://troonvineyard.com or http://druidsfluid.com/



Druid's Fluid Blend

M. de Joie,

I would like to respectfully submit that the blend of this Druid's fluid you speak of is a nearly equal split of Syrah, Merlot & Zinfandel with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon.


Re: Druid's Fluid Blend

V. Persephone,

M. de Joie bows to your knowledge and expertise, and is grateful for the information.

M. de Joie
I can't even imagine anything more wonderful than unsolicited wine being dropped off at my house by UPS.

I'm glad to hear this wasn't bad. Can you imagine if it had been vinegar?
Sounds interesting, but I am a cheapskate and $18 per bottle seems a bit steep for "casual" use and more appropriate for something to take to a dinner where wines will be varied through the meal. Not to mention I don't drink very often, so it would need to be a special occasion.

I may get a bottle to use as a house-gift sometime though.
Episcopalians seem to give wine as house-gifts fairly often, and it's a tradition I like.